I Chose St. Lawrence College & You Should, Too!

St. Lawrence College shares more with the classic TV-show bar Cheers (ask your Mom) than just being run by a silver-haired fox. Driven by its newest strategic pillar, belonging, the campuses of St. Lawrence College are someplace where it’s very possible everybody knows your name.  When I first came to … Read MoreI Chose St. Lawrence College & You Should, Too!

The Best Laid Plans

It’s hard to know if Robert Burns had any idea how oft-repeated would be this phrase when he wrote it, still clutching his plough in the most famous telling, after destroying the wintering home of a little mouse while turning over a field, but I would wager there are few … Read MoreThe Best Laid Plans

You Can’t Teach an Old Human New Skills

As the saying goes. But it’s wrong, of course, both the original saying and the idea that we (or dogs) lose the ability to learn at some point in our lives. This blog isn’t here to challenge the concept of neuroplasticity, of course, but it is here to advocate for … Read MoreYou Can’t Teach an Old Human New Skills

The Gifts of Rising Strong

I was first introduced to Brené Brown by a friend last summer when I was having a particularly difficult time. She recommended the book The Gifts of Imperfection and recommended that I learn more about this woman who bills herself as a researcher-storyteller (in fact if you google those two … Read MoreThe Gifts of Rising Strong

Three things I didn’t I know I didn’t know

This isn’t my first foray into blogging. I’ve been doing it since before the term existed, back when we called these things “online journals” (my LiveJournal account was opened May 27, 2000) and through the brief transition from “weblog” (which originated to tell readers of something interesting you’d found online) … Read MoreThree things I didn’t I know I didn’t know